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  • fireplace-warehouse-featured

    Fireplace Warehouse The Fireplace Warehouse is one of the UK’s largest and most renowned specialist retailers of high quality fireplaces, fires and stoves. Search Creative was instructed to enhance the visibility of The Fireplace Warehouse website for a wide selection of …

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  • Google SEO

    Is the Penguin Loose Once More?

    Is Google updating the much dreaded Penguin algorithm update? Although this has not been confirmed there are rumours flying amongst SEO’s and Webmasters that Google might be in the process of running a Penguin update at this very moment. For …

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  • Google SEO

    Google Panda 3.3

    In addition to an update to the Panda system, Google recently confirmed over 40 different updates to its system of web evaluation. These updates affect a number of areas of interest to SEO specialists, including how local search rankings are …

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  • Google SEO

    Google Panda

    The Panda has a Christmas Holiday Google has recently announced that they will not be making any further updates to its algorithm in 2011. Search engine giant Google have recently announced through its official Twitter account that there will be …

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  • Google SEO

    Google Venice

    The popular search engine (which now provides a whole host of other services), Google, recently announced some innovative changes in its company blog. Changes to Google Venice are much lauded as they seek to increase the ability of users to …

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  • Google SEO

    Google Over Optimisation Penalty

    Matt Cutts, a Google associate working in the Search Quality division, recently announced that Google would soon begin to penalize over-optimised sites. Over optimised sites are those that “keyword stuff” or rely heavily on SEO rather than quality content. This …

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  • Google SEO

    Google’s June – July Updates

    Google is one of the world’s most popular search engines. Not only does Google offer an effective way of searching the web for relevant content, but they also provide users with an email service, social networking site, web browser, maps …

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  • Google SEO

    Google’s new disavow tool is big news for SEOs

    On October 16th 2012, Google launched the Disavow tool, allowing SEOs for the first time to ask the search engine to ignore links that they believe may have caused them to incur a penalty, and negatively affect their search rankings. …

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Search Creative is a complete internet marketing agency, specialising in all aspects of digital and online marketing. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the ability to rank more prominently within the organic listings of the major search engines, most importantly Google for the keywords and phrases that are related to the products/services that your business provides.

It is one thing to have a website that represents your business online, but if people can’t find your site it will not generate any additional sales, enquiries or enhance your brand awareness.

This is where Search Creative can help, with years of experience within the field of internet marketing our team of search engine optimisation experts will perform in-depth analysis into the most relevant and achievable keywords that are searched for relating to your businesses products/services and optimise your website both on-page and off-page to provide you with greater visibility for the phrases that will convert into sales or enquiries, ensuring that you receive the best possible return on your online marketing investment.

All of our internet marketing and Search Engine Optimisation campaigns (SEO) are uniquely tailored to achieve the individual online marketing objectives of your business through any aspect of digital marketing including SEO campaigns, whether it is to generate sales or enquiries through your website. This approach is not only employed for the implementation of your customised SEO strategy, but is also implemented to provide you with a realistic, affordable quotation to achieve your online objectives.

Contact us today to discuss your individual internet marketing requirements in greater detail.



Pay Per Click (PPC) is a valuable online marketing tool if implemented and managed correctly, providing you with an almost instant return on investment. An optimised PPC campaign from Search Creative will provide traffic to your website as soon as the campaign goes live. Unlike with other internet marketing campaigns, including organic SEO campaigns, you can receive instant visibility within the major search engines for any keyword or phrase that is relevant to your business.

Our team of Google Adwords Qualified Individuals will monitor your campaign closely and ensure that your budget is being used both effectively and efficiently. Ensuring that we continue to work towards lowering your Cost per Click, improve the quality score of your campaigns and continue to strive to lower your average cost per conversion. Our team of PPC professionals have experience of optimising Pay Per Click campaigns both large and small to ensure that all of our clients receive the maximum possible return on investment.

By continually optimising your campaign we can ensure that you receive the maximum number of clicks and conversions are acquired from your pre-agreed daily, weekly or monthly PPC budget.

Contact Search Creative to discuss how we can improve your return on investment for a new or existing Pay Per Click campaign.


SEARCH CREATIVE – Website Design & Development

Web Design is not only about ensuring that a website is aesthetically pleasing, good web design and web development also combines search engine friendliness and good usability to ensure a good user experience for people looking for the product/services that your business provides. Our expert team of web designers and web developers can provide you with custom web solutions from striking brochure sites to outstanding bespoke ecommerce solutions.

Our experienced web design team are able to produce custom solutions to achieve your businesses individual requirements, with the experience and expertise required to produce outstanding custom ecommerce or content managed websites or utilise high quality open source solutions such as WordPress and Magento.

Not only are the websites we produce breath taking in their design, but they are built to the highest standards to ensure that you have the foundation to build a successful online presence or successful ecommerce store. With online sales continuing to grow year on year, it is important that you have a stable and robust ecommerce solution, ensuring that your business can capitalise on this ever growing revenue stream.

Contact us today to discuss your new website requirements in greater detail.


SEARCH CREATIVE – Email Marketing Solutions

Email marketing can be a key component of any digital marketing. Email Marketing is an ever growing form of direct marketing that if implemented correctly can provide a fantastic return on investment due to the lower costs of an email marketing campaign in comparison to other more traditional forms of direct marketing.

Search Creative have an experienced team of email marketers who can help and assist you through each and every aspect of your email marketing campaign. Our experienced email marketing team can help you to source the highest quality of data for your campaign and our web design team will produce striking html emails to drive your message home to new or existing clients.

Whether you are looking to reactivate existing customers, acquire new customers or keep your existing customer base up-to date with new products, promotions or loyalty schemes we can tailor a campaign to ensure that your message is delivered effectively, providing you with the best return on investment.

With detailed reporting systems in place, we are able to take learning’s from each and every email marketing campaign to ensure that we continue to optimise your campaign to ensure the maximum return on investment.
Contact us today to discuss your businesses requirements for a competitively priced email marketing campaign.

Search Creative, your complete internet marketing agency.