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Google Ads Updates the Features of Its Mobile App, Including a New Dark Mode Setting

Posted by Paul Smith | March 5, 2020

The next iteration of the Google Ads app has landed, bringing with it an impressive combination of new functionality and an essential quality of life improvement.

There are three notable additions to Google Ads on mobile devices, comprising:

Dark Mode

Some mobile app updates go beyond enhancing what the app can do. While the introduction of the new dark mode is purely aesthetic, it will undoubtedly please the legions of digital marketers that use the app.

Much as you’d expect, the app functions identically to before, but now with a dark background. That’s perfect for anyone with one eye on battery life or those that prefer to do everything they can to reduce the risk of eye strain.

Google has left nothing to chance with the deployment of this feature. If your iPhone or Android is already set to use dark mode, the app will switch to it automatically. If you’d prefer to adjust on an app by app basis, you’ll find the option in the app’s settings menu.

Optimisation Score Recommendations

It’s in Google’s best interests for your ads to perform well, and their AI is always on hand with suggestions and recommendations to make your ads better.

Mobile users can now get more from their recommendations than ever before as they can now view optimisation scores at both the account and campaign levels. Naturally, each score is accompanied by improvement recommendations, along with options to act directly within the app. Helpfully the improvements with the most significant predicted impact are listed first.

Optimisation Score Notifications

Tying in with the new optimisation scores, Google has also deployed a new suite of notifications. Part of what makes the platform so attractive to advertisers is that their artificial intelligence is always learning and adjusting, and things can change at any moment.

Bundled with the latest update is the option to turn on notifications when your ad optimisation score changes. As well as keeping users in the loop, it enables them to take immediate action to avoid the peaks and troughs of under optimised campaigns. Tapping the notification will take users directly to the recommendations page, where they can implement their automated advice with a couple of taps.

The latest version of the Google Ads app, complete with dark mode, is available for download now on the App Store and Play Store.

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