Bing Ads

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is a popular advertising platform that bears many similarities to Google Adwords, but offers a wider potential reach in some niches, as well as allowing longer text ads and having a different set of extension options. The Bing advertising platform is often overlooked by advertisers because it is not as well-known as Google Adwords, but it actually offers a lot of potential in terms of good targeting, low costs per click and high ROIs, assuming you configure your campaign well.

Why Work with Us ?

At Search Creative we have a lot of experience with Bing PPC optimisation, and can work with you to:

1. Convert your Google ads to a format that works well on Bing.
2. Manage your campaigns to keep the CPC as low as possible.
3. Help you take advantage of the lower competition and more flexible extensions.
4. Provide ongoing ad management services to ensure your campaigns keep on converting.
5. Offer detailed reporting and analytics for your campaigns.

Generate the Maximum ROI

The Bing Advertising system is one that is growing rapidly, and Microsoft is committed to evolving the platform, so there are even more improvements on the horizon. The Yahoo/Bing partnership means that you can reach a huge potential audience if you use the platform correctly. At Search Creative we understand that every ad platform has its own quirks, and our specially tailored and tested Bing Ads strategies have been honed over many years to ensure that they provide the best possible long-term ROI for you, the advertiser.

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