Microsoft Introduces Ad Customizers for All Microsoft Advertising Accounts

Microsoft Introduces Ad Customizers for All Microsoft Advertising Accounts

Posted by Paul Smith | July 16, 2019

Microsoft launched its ad customizers, which cover all Microsoft advertising accounts. They allow you to create a wide variation of ads with only 1 ad copy. So, publishers can now save resources and time on creating ads.

The technicalities behind this tool focus on using dynamic text which can be modified within the ad’s copy when the ad is shown to the user. But, to help you enjoy the benefits of this new Microsoft tool, we’ll explain what ad customizers are, how they work and how to get yours set up.

What Are Ad Customizers?

Ad customizers are values inside the ad content which are substituted by dynamic text when the ad pops up on a user’s device. They reduce the total ad setup time and improve your ad’s quality by enabling the creation of multiple variations of the same copy. The feed file contains the text values and they’re chosen based on focused targeting.

The format of the ad content is the following: {=FeedName.AttributeName:Default}. For example, your feed could be Discounts and you want to apply the custom attribute Item(text). The parameter would result in {=Discounts.Item}

Discover How Microsoft’s Ad Customizers Work

Microsoft ad customizers allow publishers to display unlimited variations of text. You can adjust your ads based on a variety of indicators within the feed file including the type of device, audience lists, location, time of day, keyword match queries, demographics, and others.

For example, if you’d like to change your ad copy for X Laptop, which is on offer for £500 in all UK stores until the end of July 2019, you can create a feed which includes the target location attribute.

So, the ad copy would have this structure:

Get {=Discounts.Promo} until the end of July 2019.
Buy now for just {=Discounts.Start_price}

So, when users search for X Laptop UK, or they’re physically in the UK, they’ll see:

X Laptop
Get 30% off in our UK stores until the end of July 2019.
Buy now for just £400.

Setting Ad Customizers for Your Microsoft Ads Accounts

You can set up your feed file with custom, standard or targeting attributes. The custom attributes comprise details which you want to show in your ad. But targeting attributes specify which feed item will replace the customizer parameter when the ad pops up.

Use the Feed Management Tool to upload the feed into your account, then setup Expanded Text Ads referring to the customizer parameters in the ad’s content. Match the parameter’s feed and attribute names with the uploaded feed file, respectively {=Feedname.AttributeName: Default}.

Wrapping It Up

Today you can reference ad customizer parameters across all Expanded Text Ads with the exception of URL fields. Thanks to the default values, an ad always shows even when you don’t have a feed item selected. And, the Google Import Tool allows for easy integration of ad customizer feeds run in Google Ads with Microsoft Advertising.

Publishers can manage and create feeds with the UI’s Feed Management Tool, Google Import and integration with Microsoft’s API. However, Microsoft intends to allow users to schedule their feed upload from URLs.

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