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New Review/Ratings Mark-up Report Has Been Added to Google’s Search Console

Posted by Paul Smith | February 17, 2020

Google is launching a new report in the search console for websites that use review or rating mark-up. When a website marks its reviews or ratings with an appropriately structured information mark-up, a featured snippet is created.Snippets of the review can either be displayed directly in the search results or […]

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Google Have Made It Easier to Review The Impact of Changes With Google Ads

Posted by Paul Smith | February 14, 2020

Google Ads have just made it much easier to get a handle on campaign metrics and optimisation. Access to a unified timeline correlating performance and change history, and the platform’s new ‘Explanation’ function have simplified collation and assessment of reporting data and made PPC campaign goals more easily attainable.Getting a […]

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Ensure You Optimise Your Website to Generate Strong Click Through Rates

Posted by Paul Smith | February 11, 2020

A recent study conducted by Ignite Visibility suggested that Meta descriptions, brand name and followed by page result constitute the largest influence that there is over the possibility of users’ click-through rate affecting the search result. Of the respondents, about two-thirds asserted that the more ads were present the less […]

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Google Rolling Out its Updated Core Ranking Algorithm

Posted by Paul Smith | January 16, 2020

Google has been working on a broad core algorithm update and it has just confirmed that it is rolling out this week. Innocuously titled as the ‘January 2020 Core Update’, this is just one of the many broad core algorithm updates Google releases each year. In their announcement, Google stated […]

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Smart Bidding Bid Simulator added to Google Ads

Posted by Paul Smith | January 15, 2020

Good news as Google Ads rolls out a bid simulator intended for the Target ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) bid strategy together with a new budget simulator. Google Ads bid simulator essentially helps advertisers see how different bids could actually change their period performance.This is exciting news because it is […]

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WordPress Rolls Out It Latest Version of the Software – Gutenberg 7.1

Posted by Paul Smith | December 20, 2019

WordPress users have been keen to check out the new enhancements of the Gutenberg 7.1, after it was officially announced earlier this month, and they have not been disappointed by the numerous improvements. Whilst there has been a miniscule slowdown in performance this has been offset by the range of […]

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3 New Reporting Tools Added to Facebook Ads

Posted by Paul Smith | December 16, 2019

Just in time for the busy Christmas shopping period, Facebook has introduced a few new ad reporting tools in an effort to help social media marketers better analyse the effectiveness of their campaigns. The three new tools–Conversion Paths, Cross-account Reporting, and Custom Metrics–will make it easier for advertisers to optimise […]


Cyber Weekend Advertisements increased by 32% on Google Shopping and 50% YoY on Amazon Sponsored Product

Posted by Paul Smith | December 16, 2019

Advertisers have taken advantage of CPCs that have been rising between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. According to recent research, advertisers increased their spending on Google Shopping ads by a whopping 32% and 50% on the Amazon Sponsored Products ads compared to the last year’s season between Thanksgiving and Cyber Mondays.Spending […]

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Reddit Reports 30% Increase in its Monthly Active Users

Posted by Paul Smith | December 10, 2019

In the last quarter of 2018, Reddit reported having attracted 330 million monthly users on its platform. This year, 2019, its report reveals that the number has spiked by 30 percent to reach 430 million active users each month. Reddit also announced that the active users went the extra mile […]

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