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Optimisation Score

Google Ads Expands its Optimisation Score Feature to Include Display Campaigns

Posted by Paul Smith | December 9, 2019

Google recently introduced changes to the Google Ads optimisation score to increase focus on display campaigns. The optimisation score is a feature for websites that advertise within the Google Ads platform and provides site owners and webmasters alike with a percentage figure indicating how optimised the Google Ads campaign is. […]

Paid Advertising

Google Still the Dominating Force in Search Ad Revenue

Posted by Paul Smith | November 27, 2019

In the UK, Google still holds the lion’s share of search ad revenue. However, the eMarketer report now shows that Amazon could dominate in the next few years. Currently, Google is still the leader in search advertising, but its net revenue has registered a drop with about one percent since […]

Pay per Click

Since 2018 there has been significant growth in the number of time rich answers displayed within Google’s mobile search

Posted by Paul Smith | November 25, 2019

According to a study conducted by Perficient Digital, there has been a significant increase in the occurrence of rich answers in Google search results. The study involved over 1.4 million search queries on Google mobile. The increase can mainly be attributed to the dramatic growth observed in carousels, especially image […]

Artifical intelligence

Facebook Unveils its New Personalised Ad Features

Posted by Paul Smith | November 22, 2019

Facebook has started rolling out useful new features on its advertising platform. These features are gleaned from machine learning and they work to dynamically customise ads for a finely-personalised experience for individual users.These features save advertisers time and moneyUsing these new features will allow advertisers to deliver highly personalised adverts […]

pay per click marketing

New Campaign Types, Features & Support Added to Google Ads Editor

Posted by Paul Smith | November 13, 2019

Google has recently released an update for the Google Ads Editor. The update comes with additional features, with one of the new features being support for new campaign types. The recent announcement concerning the upgrade is set change how Google Ads advertisers interact with the programme. This update not only […]


More than 50 New Markets and New Features Added to Google Shopping Ads Platform

Posted by Paul Smith | November 11, 2019

This year Google has also realised that most businesses, including SMEs, are focusing on the global market. The realisation has seen the company expand their Shopping Ads as well as adding new features that will aid businesses to target shoppers internationally. You can now promote your Shopping Ads in an […]

Product Listing Ads
Linking Structures

Bing Announces Penalties for Sites with ‘Inorganic Site Structures’

Posted by Paul Smith | November 8, 2019

Search engines are putting extra effort to keep the internet safe and efficient to use. One of the recent efforts is Bing’s decision to penalise what it calls “inorganic site structures.” The penalty ranges from not ranking the sites prominently to completely delisting them from its index.What is an inorganic […]

pay per click marketing

Google Announces Rollout of Lead Form Extensions

Posted by Paul Smith | November 6, 2019

Google recently announced that it is going to roll out lead form ad extensions over the next few weeks. This feature was recently made public while it was in the middle of testing.Two weeks ago, it was found that Google was testing new ad extensions that are designed to capture […]

Analytic data

Additional Insight as New Data Is Added to Google Ads Shopping Campaigns

Posted by Paul Smith | November 1, 2019

Merchants operating Shopping Campaigns within Google Ads will now be able to see e-commerce cart metrics in the UI in order to gain a better sense of which items are driving profit-making transactions.Utilising this new data for Google Ads shopping campaigns provides several benefits to advertisers. The merchants can know […]

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