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Adobe Flash

Google No Longer Indexes Flash Content or SWF Files within Websites

Posted by Paul Smith | October 30, 2019

Flash brought life to static webpages since 2008, making it possible to develop play videos and animations on the web. Flash has also been a favourite platform for online gamers. By 2013, it was the number one tool for web content creators and users. In the second half of 2013, […]


Mobile Sales Continue to Grow, but Desktop Conversions Still Generate More Value to Businesses

Posted by Paul Smith | October 9, 2019

Although today’s mobile devices are the dominant way users browse and search the Web, mobile conversions and ad clicks are not as valuable as those found on the desktop. This fact is based on an analysis of ten million ad clicks on 100 AccuraCast digital marketing agency accounts.Mobile Conversions are […]

Video Marketing

Google adds tweaks, enhancements and reports to Google Search Console for videos

Posted by Paul Smith | October 8, 2019

Video content is ubiquitous online and there are more hours of footage available than anyone could hope to watch in a lifetime. Plenty of vloggers, streamers and entertainers depend on video content to make a living online, so Google’s announcement of enhanced reporting features being added to Google Search Console […]

Google Updates

LinkedIn Campaign Manager Upgrades Functionality with Audience Targeting Logic and Demographics Forecasts

Posted by Paul Smith | October 7, 2019

On 1st October 2019, as LinkedIn announced on their blog that they will add a demographics forecasts functionality directly to its campaign manager and introduce Boolean audience targeting as early as 8th October 2019.In the next two weeks, LinkedIn has additional plans to launch and roll out new demographic reporting […]

Social Media

Google App campaigns Incorporating Enhanced Features for Advertisers and Publishers

Posted by Paul Smith | September 27, 2019

Google has enhanced its focus on mobile advertising with its latest features targeting app developers and advertisers. The new features will enable them to advertise to gamers on the gaming apps on their smartphones and tablets.New inventory sourcesGoogle has added new inventory sources to the app campaign platform. App campaigns […]

AdWords Desktop and Mobile

Google Adds 4 New Features to its Google Ads Editor

Posted by Paul Smith | September 27, 2019

The new version of Google’s Ad Editor (version 1.1) has arrived, boasting four new features (alongside updates to existing functionality) targeting enhanced usability and interface design. Here, we’ll delve into these four fresh additions from Google that businesses can make use of right away.New Image Picker: A Greater Efficiency in […]

Google My Business

Google My Business Listings: 5% of Business Views Result in Customer Interaction

Posted by Paul Smith | July 31, 2019

A recent study by BrightLocal yielded valuable insights on the importance of having your business on Google My Business (GMB) listings. GMB is a tool that helps businesses rank high in local searches and Map findings. We highlight some of the inferences from the research.Improve Visibility and Conversion RatesThe research […]

Local SEO
Twitter on Multiple Devices

The New Desktop Version of Twitter Is Now Live – What Enhanced Functionality Does it Offer?

Posted by Paul Smith | July 23, 2019

Desktop Twitter users were waiting for a redesign of the microblogging site. The social platform has been promising “a new Twitter” for desktop for the past several weeks. That notice was the first thing on your Twitter feed, so it was difficult not to see it. Twitter was working on […]

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