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Microsoft Advertising Solutions

Microsoft Introduces Ad Customizers for All Microsoft Advertising Accounts

Posted by Paul Smith | July 16, 2019

Microsoft launched its ad customizers, which cover all Microsoft advertising accounts. They allow you to create a wide variation of ads with only 1 ad copy. So, publishers can now save resources and time on creating ads.The technicalities behind this tool focus on using dynamic text which can be modified […]

Bing Ads
blocked by robots.txt

How Are Pages Blocked by Robots.txt Ranking within Google?

Posted by Paul Smith | July 12, 2019

Pages blocked by robot.txt can still be indexed by Google, but the indexing process is quite complicated. It is unlikely that a page blocked by robot.txt will be ranked highly on the search engine since Google cannot determine for sure the content of the page. Before we explain how search […]

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Facebook Monetisation

Facebook Content Creators Can Monetise Their Efforts with Facebook’s Latest Features

Posted by Paul Smith | July 11, 2019

The creation of Facebook changed the world of social interactive platforms. As much as it was way to connect old and new friends, Facebook served as a business hub for sole proprietors and business owners alike. It was a chance to get cheap and easy marketing because of the large […]

smart speaker

Recent Report States Growth in Voice Search Shopping Surpassed Expectations

Posted by Paul Smith | July 10, 2019

A new report indicates that online shopping through the use of smart speakers is increasing at a faster pace than earlier anticipated.eMarketer recently made public a new report that goes to show that many online shoppers are today opting to fulfil their shopping needs through the use of smart speakers.In […]

Microsoft Advertising

Detailed Search Results Position Data Available Within Microsoft Advertising

Posted by Paul Smith | July 4, 2019

Ad targeting is an essential marketing tool that enables advertisers to focus campaigns on a specific audience. Bing ads have been the most common form of targeted advertising offered by Microsoft as they are designed to maximise exposure to customers who show interest in a company’s products or services. The […]

Bing Ads

LinkedIn Changes its Algorithm to Strengthen User Engagement

Posted by Paul Smith | July 3, 2019

LinkedIn achieved an increase of 27% in revenue and 24% with on-platform sessions, according to the FY19Q3 results published by Microsoft. And, to sustain its strong growth momentum, LinkedIn has changed its algorithm for post ranking and feed distribution, focusing on expanding engagement.What Caused the Change?LinkedIn noticed that its engagement […]

Social Media

Google Ads: Push Promotions and Generate More In-Store Purchases in Local Campaigns

Posted by Paul Smith | July 1, 2019

Digital marketing and online advertising are rapidly growing as more people choose to shop online. In the UK, however, as with many other countries, in-store purchases still make up the vast majority of total sales and shouldn’t be neglected.In May 2019 at the Google Marketing Live event, new updates were […]

Search Console

Google Adds Additional Mobile First Information within Search Console

Posted by Paul Smith | June 28, 2019

On Wednesday June 26, 2019 Google announced on their official twitter feed dedicated to Web Masters that they were making some significant changes to the Google Search Console. These new changes are intended to make it easier for webmasters and SEO pros to determine how their sites are being indexed. […]


Instagram Adding PPC Functionality to Allow Marketers to Show Ads in Explore Tabs

Posted by Paul Smith | June 27, 2019

Instagram is one of the most widely used applications in the world. The app has already managed to lure in more than a billion monthly users, of whom 500 million are actively using the platform daily. This has prompted the management to add another feature that will see a business […]

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