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Facebook Beta Test’s Stories ads

Posted by Paul Smith | September 21, 2018

Faced with diminishing growth in advertising and a News Feed that is already filled to the brim, Facebook’s advertising representatives are increasingly looking towards the platform’s new Stories feature as fertile ground for monetisation with ads.Stories are slideshows and videos that are ephemeral (they’re only up for 24 hours). This […]


Google Enhances its Dynamic Search Ads Targeting Options and Reporting

Posted by Paul Smith | September 17, 2018

Google has has recently updated its Dynamic Search Ads, introducing increased controls over targeting options and providing more data in reports. One of the aims of this update is to make it easier for those who are just getting started with Dynamic Search Ads, allowing them to fill in the […]

Google AdWords Camapigns

Google Ads Expands its Exact Match Close Variants

Posted by Paul Smith | September 17, 2018

Miguel Villalobos, Google Product Manager for Search Keywords, announced recently that the exact match close variants criteria is expanding yet again, this time with the stated aim of including terms which share the meaning of a keyword but don’t necessarily include it.The Evolution of Exact Match Close VariantsThis update is […]


Facebook Ad Metrics Updated to Combine Purchase Data For Web, App and Offline Purchases

Posted by Paul Smith | September 11, 2018

Facebook advertising can be very cost effective, but you have to know what you’re doing. A lot of money can be lost on social media ads unless you pay close attention to metrics.Facebook however, is one of the best social media channels to advertise with due to it’s in depth […]

Strategic Palnning

Understanding the Recent Updates to Google’s Core Ranking Algorithm

Posted by Paul Smith | September 7, 2018

Google’s updates aren’t always confirmed or announced but you’ll notice them in your site’s rankings. Online marketers and site owners don’t always know how to deal with Google’s algorithm changes and most of the time apply measures that just don’t live up to the search engines unknown expectations.However, you can […]

Google Updates
New Google Search Console

The Latest Version of Google’s Search Console is No-Longer in ‘Beta’

Posted by Paul Smith | September 5, 2018

Google’s new version of Search Console has graduated to a fully fledged release today after being in beta since the start of the year. Google first announced the upgrade to Search Console in August last year and after a limited rollout to a preselected group of users, a widespread beta […]

twitter suggest accounts to unfollow

A Recent Twitter Test Suggested Unfollowing Accounts That You Do Not Engage With

Posted by Paul Smith | September 5, 2018

A recent test of a potential new Twitter feature found some users being recommended a number of accounts to stop following, or “unfollow”, in Twitter terminology. This test involved only a limited number of users, for a period of a few days, and Twitter is yet to confirm whether they […]

YouTube Ads

Non-Skippable Ads to be Rolled Out to All Publishers in YouTube

Posted by Paul Smith | September 4, 2018

YouTube is soon going to be allowing everyone in their partner program to create ads that are non-skippable. This is going to be a game changer for many advertisers and video creators.Prior to this, creating non-skippable ads was only allowed for those selected in the partner program. Now, as long […]

Online Marketing
Search Console

User Actions Reporting to be added to Google’s Search Console

Posted by Paul Smith | September 3, 2018

Google have redesigned their Search Console platform to track user actions from now on as an integral part of the product. Google’s rationale for this change stems from their rethink of how to facilitate better accountability and cooperation for their users, and the history tracking function will enable information to […]

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