Is the Penguin Loose Once More?

Is the Penguin Loose Once More?

Posted by WordPress Guru | March 12, 2014

Is Google updating the much dreaded Penguin algorithm update? Although this has not been confirmed there are rumours flying amongst SEO’s and Webmasters that Google might be in the process of running a Penguin update at this very moment.

For the moment, it is still a lot too early to determine with certainty whether an update is in progress or not, but some of the warning signs are beginning to pop up in webmaster and SEO discussion groups. Anyone familiar with the way Google works may draw some conclusions that they may be changing the way they rank websites once more.

While the forum posts and site comments are just warning signs and nothing more, it is difficult to tell with certainty what’s going on. Maybe it is something that has no relation to Penguin or Panda in any way.

The last time a Panda refresh occurred was on June 24th and a Penguin refresh happened on May 25th, so it looks logical that a Penguin refresh would be due at Google with the 9 week gap since Penguin was last ‘updated’!

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