Local SEO Agency

Local SEO Agency

Many modern businesses are extremely familiar with the concept of the internet and the use of search engines, but ask them about local search engine optimisation and they may well be stumped for an answer. Yet SEO has become an increasingly important aspect of the overall success of a business, with more and more businesses understanding and appreciating the importance and relevance that a prominent online profile has to their overall business success. In 2013 73% of people in Great Britain accessed the internet on a daily basis, with 72% of adults buying goods or services online.

What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimisation is the process optimising a website to show more prominently within the SERPs for both geographical searches and also for when Google and the other major search engines geo-target search results that are relevant to the searchers location specified by their IP address. But why is local SEO important to both local and national businesses alike? Recent research has stated that around 33% of all UK searches in 2014 will include a term relating to a geographical location, while geo-targeted results based on the location of your IP address will be served closer to 50% of the time for non-location based searches.

The Importance of Local Search Engine Optimisation:

Businesses of all sizes that have one or multiple physical locations would benefit from implementing a local search engine optimisation campaign. Businesses such as hotels, shops, restaurants, local service providers or multi location national businesses will all benefit hugely from this specialist field of search engine optimisation. People perform searchers online using search engines as they are looking for information or answers to questions that they have, with many people performing searches looking for what they require that is conveniently located within their area. Many smaller businesses primarily serve customers within their local area, so attracting people locally is their primary objective of an SEO campaign.

Ensuring that your business is ranking prominently in the search engines will enable you to come into contact with those people in your area who are looking for your products/services online. What this means is that a company’s website needs to be targeted with the objective of ranking prominently for as many keyphrases as possible that relate to the products/services that they provide in addition to their physical location.

Optimising your Business for a Local Audience

Many businesses do not possess the specialist knowledge, experience, time or resources to implement a successful local SEO campaign in house, but at Search Creative we can employ tried and trusted methods that are ‘white hat’ and ethical to ensure your website is easily accessible to local customers.

This process can be achieved through a number of strategies and is usually more cost-effective than trying to implement a national SEO campaign. Not only do you face less competition operating on a local level, but the use of geographically specific and long-tail keywords means that keyword competition will also be reduced.

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