How to Recover from Google’s August Algorithm Update

How to Recover from Google’s August Algorithm Update

Posted by Paul Smith | September 28, 2018

Google’s core algorithm update which was rolled out in August, and which is intended to improve how Google matches relevant results to search queries, has resulted in some sites seeing a fall in their rankings. Google has taken pains to clarify that sites that have lost rankings have not done so because of a quality issue. Rather the changes have resulted from Google looking at sites and determining that content is not as relevant as it could be. The changes in the core algorithm are intended to benefit pages that may previously have been under-rewarded. Therefore, from a webmaster’s point of view, the most important thing to work on is making your content more relevant. You should not worry that a fall in your rating means that your site is perceived to be of poor quality, rather that your content is not as relevant as it could be. If you want to know what Google consider to be great content, they have set it out in detail in their search quality rating guidelines here.

Following on from making your content as relevant as possible, it will then take a length of time for the tweaks to site content to be reflected in search results. Because it is an ongoing process with no fixed timeline, the best thing a site owner can do is to take the necessary steps to make their site more relevant. This should be done on two fronts; (a) by looking at how your whole site is relevant and (b) by understanding how separate pages within your site are relevant. Once you have done this, it will take time for the Google algorithm to figure out the changes that have been made to your sites pages. The pages will be reviewed, processed and re-indexed by the algorithm in an ongoing process and eventually you should see an improvement in your site’s ranking.

In summary, if you are a site owner don’t get discouraged. Remember, Google’s main concern in respect of the algorithm is how relevant your site’s content is to searcher’s queries. People’s needs change over time, so what may once have been relevant may no longer be so. A fall in your search result rating is not a reflection on the quality of your site. However, it is imperative that webmasters take an honest look at the content of their site and consider why it may have dropped in the rankings. Make a conscious effort to make your content more relevant to the queries it previously ranked well for. Also, bear in mind that it may take quite a while for the Google algorithm to process your changes. Give it time and focus on making your content as relevant as possible.

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