Social Media

Social Media

If you’re not interested in social media, you may not be in business much longer. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube have revolutionised the way marketing operates, reaching people as never before. No longer is it a case of randomly calling people or hoping one in 500 leaflets is put through the right door. Social media allows you to target your kind of customer, build a relationship with them and do business over and over again.

Getting the Right Message to the Right People

With so many types of social media on offer, it can be confusing. But with our expertise and experience, we can find the right platform for you. Social media for business works, whether it’s a Facebook campaign or a series of articles on LinkedIn. It’s a case of choosing the right platform. YouTube can communicate your message visually, Twitter can put information out there directly and succinctly and Pinterest can showcase your craftsmanship.

Interaction with Your Customers

The key feature of any social media platform is the interaction which it creates between the users. Using a carefully planned social engagement programme, you can build trust and meaningful relationships with your customers. You can find out what they’re thinking and what their preferences and buying habits are. All platforms are based on this interaction among virtual communities which share information and ideas. The result is incredibly powerful.

There is no substitute for face-to-face contact or having a conversation, but social media can reach those people in the first place by making the initial contact. Often it’s the customers who make the first move by making a comment or sharing a post. In terms of marketing, social media is the most powerful tool in the digital age, so any business not taking part is clearly missing out.

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